Tim Lieder (secondary journal) (marlowe2) wrote,
Tim Lieder (secondary journal)

Two Questions

Does anyone know of another Web site that has postings for stories besides http://www.ralan.com. I know there's the Writer's Market but that's too big. Mostly I like Ralan but I find that most of the stories they want are either science fiction or horror - and the weird thing about my writing is that I like to write novels that are science fiction or horror but I seem to be on a kick of writing stories about people not communicating, or communicating but badly or breaking up - mostly I'm rewriting the stories of a few years back. I'll write a story and then two years later I'll finally get back to it long enough to make it into something I like.

The second question is a computer related one. My computer's disk drives are both shot. I can't save anything except on my hard drive. I don't know how long this computer is going to last. I am emailing my stories to my yahoo accounts on .zip files (from winzip) but I'm worried that maybe I'm using an old zip program, maybe I can't open them on another comptuer. Does anyone want to take my stories and save them for me? Not on your hard drive but on a zip disk or something of that nature? Or just let me know if you can open them up on your computer. This is mostly paranoia. I wrote a lot of stuff in the last 7 years and I'd hate to lose it all (although the first novel is printed up - but that's a small part of what I wrote). I know frommy volunteered for it before but I don't know if he would now.
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